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The Path to Your Dream Home

This is a partial list of total services to provide a summary to new buyers. Each real estate transaction is different and may have additional requirements to close. Please contact The Edwards Group if further information is required.

  1. Meet with the Edwards Group to go over your wish list

  2. Choose a mortgage professional

  3. Complete a loan application

  4. Receive a pre-qualification letter

  5. Schedule a tour of homes with the Edwards Group

  6. Bring an EMD (earnest money deposit)

  7. Write an Offer with the Edwards Group on your home choice

  8. Negotiate for the best price and “bottom line” the contract

  9. The Edwards Group will copy the contract to your Lender and Title Company

  10. Schedule an independent inspection on the home (Approx. $200-$1,500)

  11. Lock your rates with your Lender

  12. Your Lender will schedule an appraisal once the property passes inspection

  13. Your Lender can only write a loan using the appraisal price

  14. When the home appraises schedule the movers

  15. Wait for the Clear to Close from your Lender (This is the waiting part)

  16. Lender will review the details of the loan with you

  17. Schedule the closing (Monday - Friday 9am-4pm)

  18. All documents are sent to and reviewed by the Title Company

  19. Review closing documents from your Lender & Title Company

  20. Call the utilities to transfer service to your name

  21. Walk through the property with the Edwards Group prior to closing

  22. Attend the closing and sign all the legal documents

  23. Move into your new home!!!

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