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Prepping your Home for Sale.



Kitchen and Bathrooms will sell or sink your home.


The kitchen and bathrooms should be the showpiece of your home.

Buyers are looking for:

  1. Granite, Quartz, Natural Stone.

  2. Modern Appliances.

  3. Modern tile or wood flooring.

  4. Soft close well built cabinets.

  5. Large sinks with modern faucets.

Less is more.


Living room and Family room furniture needs to be minimal. Eliminate all the nick knacks and random photos of the kids, dogs and family. It may seem sparse but it will make your rooms look bigger to potential buyers.


Paint: Neutral colors are best.


White, beige, light grays. If you can’t live without bold colors consider accent pillows or decorative items.



If the flooring is worn and needs to be replaced consider doing the entire entry level in the same type of flooring. Congruency between rooms will accentuate the size of your home. Buyers are looking for easy care no transition flooring throughout the entry level…Wood flooring is especially desirable.  

Clean, Clean, Clean.

Buyers are looking at the door handles, the baseboards, trim and the windows. 

They really don’t want to see the dog’s nose print or the kids sticky fingerprints.


Don’t forget the curb appeal.


A cozy chair or seasonal flowers always help to give your home that extra special feeling. Pops of color in the non-permanent decorative accents will grab their attention when they drive up to your home!


Buyers are educated and watch HGTV!

They prefer a finished product when they purchase a home.


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